Vinyl Signs Whitby helps one of its regular clients with some graphics that benefit the RNLI too…

Whitby Lifeboat crews have been saving lives for at least two hundred years and have been recognised with the RNLI’s medal for gallantry thirty-six times. The station today operates two boats, one works in inshore waters and the other, the mighty Trent Class, covers offshore events and has a range of some 250 nautical miles.

Services like those delivered by the RNLI come at a price, and impressive beasts like Trent Class lifeboats have to be paid for. Thankfully, the RNLI ranks very highly in the affections and respect of the British public and it’s one of the best subscribed of all the major charities. It’s probably true to say that somewhere, right now, there’s an event happening that benefits the RNLI.

The RNLI, Whitby, and its community, have a close and enduring relationship and the boats have been, and are, crewed with volunteers from the town among others. With a view to giving something back to the teams and the organisation itself, the owners of Whitby Tool and Plant Hire came up with a great idea, easily adaptable to others who’d care to involve themselves.

Whitby Tool Hire Graphics - Vinyl Signs Whitby

When Whitby needs heavy plant or tools that aren’t typically on the shelves in the sheds, Whitby Tool and Plant Hire is where they turn. Among the company’s fleet of hardworking site assets there’s a particular dumper truck that now, thanks to its owners’ inventiveness, works hard for those who rent it, and gives something to the RNLI too. A percentage of income from the dumper finds its way to the RNLI every time the dumper turns a wheel.

To promote the scheme and raise a bit of further interest still, Whitby Tool and Plant Hire got in touch with Vinyl Signs Whitby, and not for the first time. The go-to tool hire shop and Whitby’s best-known signmaker have a long term relationship that’s seen everything from labels to signage change hands over the years. This call required graphics promoting the RNLI connection and Vinyl Signs Whitby obliged.

The hardworking dumper now wears on the flanks of its very accommodating bucket a picture of the offshore boat on one side and the inshore boat on the other. ‘Pictures’ actually sells it a little short, they’re custom designed posters attesting that the dumper contributes 10% of its income to what all agree is a really great cause.

Robert Lamerton, Vinyl Signs’ owner, took a particular interest in the job having himself crewed a Whitby lifeboat for many years. The offshore boat in those days was a Tyne Class but it’s mission no different to the ones attended by the mighty Trent today. Thanks Robert. It’s appreciated.

The Vinyl Signs team printed its great looking posters on Metamark MD5 protected against dumper-type battle-rash with a mixture of Metamark Matt and Gloss MG700 Laminates. Text elements were cut and applied Metamark M7 so producing applied posters that get the message across and that are capable of taking a knock or two. The whole plot looks brilliant and is another great example of Vinyl Signs Whitby getting the details right.