Vinyl Signs delivers exactly what the customer orders and a winning livery is reimagined…

Vinyl Signs Whitby is run by Rob Lamerton and a very capable team. The quality of the work this long-established sign business delivers is nothing less than exemplary and it stems from the meticulous attention to every detail that’s invested in every job the company does.

The company is well equipped. It has within arms’ reach every tool a modern signs and graphics manufacture needs to function efficiently. Its hardware’s well maintained too and operates at the very peak of its performance. All this illuminates an attitude to design and production that distinguishes the company and its output. Every detail is ‘right.’ The result – signs and graphics that keep customers returning time and again.

Dennis Crooks - van

One such customer making a return trip to Vinyl Signs Whitby recently was Dennis Crooks. With something like 150 years of combined experience under its roof, Dennis Crooks started in 1977 and is right to cast itself in the role of one of the country’s best known and most capable suppliers of fresh fish. Known for giving its customers exactly what’s needed, Dennis Crooks procures the best fish available, and takes care of all the processing needed to prepare the catch according to customer requirement – by hand.

Dennis Crooks’ ID and its vehicle liveries are both well known and very attractive. While on holiday recently though, William Crooks’ eye was attracted by a sign featuring a stylised fish with scales that caught the ambient light and sparkled in a way that really demanded attention. On returning to the UK, he got in touch with Rob Lamerton at Vinyl Signs Whitby, described what he’d seen, and enquired as to whether the effect could be recreated in Dennis Crooks’ liveries.

Rob Lamerton suggested a construction comprising coloured self-adhesive vinyl, digital print and use of a speciality material to define the mirror-like scales to his customer and the job was given the go-ahead. Metamark M7 SignVinyl was used for the lettering elements, the digital print was provisioned on Metamark MD5 and the cut and applied mirror-like scales were made from Metamark Silver Polish.

The supplied job required a lot of manual application skills and attention to small details – all readily available at Vinyl Signs Whitby. The finished result works with the long established livery design but gives it a flash of colour and light that refreshes it and makes it look new. It’s a really brilliant result and makes great use of a material that’s little known outside experienced circles.

In the final analysis this stunning livery speaks powerfully to the trade that Vinyl Signs Whitby’s customer operates. It radiates quality and underscores a towering reputation. It also makes the same point as every other piece of output leaving Vinyl Sign Whitby’s workshop – attention to detail, meticulous quality and deep reserves of experience, all tend to produce the best results.