There’s a few ways of disguising an incongruous looking fridge in a kitchen that’s themed around something other that white or steel. Thanks to Rob Lamerton and the team at Vinyl Signs Whitby, there’s now another…

The customer was straight to the point. Was it possible, they asked, to wrap or cover a fridge in much the same way as you might do a vehicle? No hesitation on the part of Rob Lamerton and the team at Vinyl Signs in Whitby. Yes, we can wrap or cover pretty much anything and a fridge isn’t going to put up much of a fight.

Then comes the question of what to wrap the offending fridge with. Digital, print? A pattern? A Design? All are possible. But how about a colour? How about this, particular orange?

Sometimes luck is batting with you.

Rob Lamerton’s customer had gone to great lengths to find, and then to centre the theme of the kitchen in question around a particularly pleasing shade of orange. It was repeated in places around the room and it was chosen from among thousands of shades of itself and other colours available. Such is the way modern tastes in colour dictate things. Thankfully, there’s more than a little science and research behind the way Metamark chooses the colours it includes in its vinyl ranges.

The fridge - before and after

The colours that occur in the wild these days seem to uncannily fit with colours found in the Metamark Materials Swatch. That’s because the colours are a reflection of modern tastes and contemporary specification. There, in the most unlikely of places to find a colour for a domestic appliance colour, was the orange. The orange that Vinyl Signs Whitby’s customer wanted.

Most reports of this type detail the material the sign producer chose to do the job in question. On this occasion, the material almost chose itself. It was Metamark MM-CC in just the right shade of orange. MM-CC is a cylinder cast material expressly for colour-change wrapping and in the hands of the team from Vinyl Signs Whitby, it was skilfully and flawlessly applied to the fridge.

The result is one that raises a smile from the customer. It’s exactly what was wanted. It’s more than that though. Under the protective covering of MM-CC is a pristine appliance that will stay that way. The colourful wrap will resist chipping, it’s easy to clean and it clearly demonstrates the potency of wrapping objects other than vehicles. It also demonstrates how Vinyl Signs Whitby finds a profitable channel for its talents.


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